Another Day

With depression is there anything new? Running a business, is there anything new? No to both.

Every day with depression is the same. Running the same business every day for four years is the same. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Today is the night before my writing class starts. I’m pretty psyched about it. Finally learn something fun and hopefully, make a living from it.

A day like today is another day of “I’ve seen too much shit” list. Another customer was ranting and raving like a madman and threatening to call higher authority.

It’s just coffee, right. Not worth calling the authorities or throwing an epic tantrum over right? We’re all civilized adults? (Oh how I love my day offs where I don’t have to deal with any stress, any whining, anything that makes my anxiety jump over the edge of the cliff.)

I can’t say for some. However, when you bend over backwards in customer service to please your customers, that’s one thing. But to be spoiled and entitled and scream your way into getting what you want isn’t going to work.

While this particular spoiled customer looked at her order and before I could say, How are you? Here comes the ranting and raving. I understand people are picky and want it their way, but to verbally shout at someone for no reason isn’t acceptable.

Remind you, that in customer service it’s only one or two customers that can be rude and others are like family. I will not bow down like you’re a god or something. It ruins the day for everyone. I don’t if she’s having a rough day or just her personality towards others. It hurts when you’re succumbed to so much ranting on a daily and whining over something small as coffee.

I should’ve started in another field because it’s affected my mental health in so many ways. People don’t realize the harm in their actions when they become verbally abusive.

Writing has been a release because all of these thoughts and repressed memories exit my head for a while. Hopefully, something good comes out of my class tomorrow, and maybe I can finally finish my book and start something new.

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