Take Care

Focus on what counts and matters

Valentine’s Day came and went. For some Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love with their significant other and other loved ones. For others, Valentine’s day is a bittersweet holiday that most think the card and flower industry made up. For me, Valentine’s day is about love. Love that should be given every day to everyone, not just one day.

I have the closest family and friends that I surround myself that make me feel loved, and I don’t need anything more. A funny card or meme is fine. Flowers aren’t my thing. Candy isn’t what one needs when you’re overweight already.

For me, I use each day to focus on self-care, self-worth, and self-love because they are so important and we often neglect it when we’re stressed or going through a difficult time. Usually, when I’m out in the world, that real unconditional love is like a diamond in the rough. It’s hard to find it in an unfair world. I usually encounter too much drama and negative energy that I can’t avoid.

When you’re either out playing or working, you’re going to run into some negativity. Yesterday, I expected a slower night because everyone was taking their loved ones to restaurants and enjoying the night out. The night was smooth after a rough beginning. The first group of customers were very demanding like divas and frustrated the staff and fellow customers waiting patiently behind.

It happened again later before closing. This time a patron purposely wasted my staff’s time and my customer’s time by claiming their order was wrong and it wasn’t. Then a customer waiting in line came in and said out loud, “What the f*** is taking so long? I’ve been waiting for forever. What’s the problem with you a**holes!” I tried to keep composure and my blood pressure levels down and said, “I’m sorry that this patron is a little difficult, but patience is a virtue.” If I have to wait, then you must.

She got her drink and might as well of flipped us off. The craziest part was she asked if someone was behind so she can pay it forward and make someone’s day. I thought, you come into my place of business and acted like a complete pain every day and now you want to make someone’s day? Start by making my day. Start being more patient and more understanding and understand how difficult some people can be. Put the shoe on the other foot.

This is the kind of crazy that I deal with every day in the real world. Some people are great every day and others are not. But I always look for the best in people. It’s hard. I wanted to yell out the loudest f-bomb known to man. I enjoy my career, but it doesn’t take a toll on one’s mental health. And I wouldn’t leave it because it’s not like I would find a better company that has the benefits that I have now.

Yes, working in retail and a café are challenging. But it’s not all bad. Not enough to say, I’m done. With that aside, I focus on the people who do come for our service. Going out there and talking to fellow patrons about anything makes them feel great and cared about. I may not have a significant other, and that’s OK. What matters is that I love myself, my family and friends, and my crew at work. And the customers including the difficult customers.


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