Tis the time of frustration

Ain’t that the truth!

When life gives you lemons, then make lemonade. When life throws iceberg after iceberg in your way, get out your weapon of choice and smash the it. I hate being frustrated. Being frustrated is like being stuck in the mud with no end in sight.

I had major writer’s block for the last week. Since it’s been a while since I wrote a thing or a post, it drives me nuts. If I don’t write something down, my brain gets filled with too much unwanted and useless junk.

One of the major challenges aside from writer’s block is work and is also the unholiest time of the year for everyone: tax season. I hate it with a passion. I will get so mad doing my returns because I have zero patience for doing it when I have enough stuff in my life already. I made it through half of the process and gave up in frustration. If only, your returns are prepared for you instead of you trying to read tiny fine print.

My anxiety kills me the most more than anything. I know it has been bugging me because I’ve been more agitated and the return of binge eating is making its comeback. Since I don’t put much stock in scales, I can tell by looking in the mirror that I have gained some extra spare tires as I call it in the past few weeks.

Work is what it is. It’s never a dull day at work. I see and experience enough interesting things there. My favorite moment had to be when a customer cried when another customer paid it forward when they didn’t have money to foot their bill. Nice acts of random kindness give me hope in humanity in an imperfect world. But acts of stupidity such as pulling up through the drive thru with your buddy attached to the hood of the car acting like children is another thing.

I’m trying to keep my stress levels down since my company hired a new manager for my store. Sometimes, when you get a new boss, you start to think, “I loved my old boss. I don’t know about this one. What’s this one going to be like?” My questions regarding my boss will be answered in a couple of weeks. I really hope it’s a hands-on, understanding, overall, a great boss. I’ve had one too many superiors that fit the term “horrible boss” before. I know that most employees are iffy when new managers come aboard and may not take them seriously or show respect.

The last thing I need is a manager that’s constantly pestering you about everything in your business; in terms of sales, drive times, etc. I can’t stand it when employers breathe down your neck. It can be very intimidating. But I can’t make any assumptions until I get to know this new boss. I do miss my current one already. We both have been managers for a long time and have similar interests and enjoy running a business. I will miss talking about football and sports with my boss because very little of my employees watch sports. Weird, right? Sports isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Sunday, I almost died because of those teens in the drive-thru. They were driving like maniacs. Why would you think it’s cool to hang on your friend’s car while they’re driving 30-40 miles an hour through a parking lot is beyond me? Is it safe? No. Is it smart? No. It is what it is. I’ve seen worse in my life and I was young once too and did some foolish stuff, too.

One of my best buds and lifesavers, my Chihuahua, turns eleven on Friday. How that is coming up is beyond me, too? I still remember adopting her and bringing her tiny self home, and now she’s a fatter senior dog. My therapy dogs are getting older as each day passes and it’s tough.


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