Moving Onward

Keep moving onward

Everyday until February 28th, I will ask, “Is it the 28th of February yet?” I’ve been looking forward to that day for weeks now. I finally start one of my writing classes and learn a new trade. Exciting, yes.

I haven’t switched gears or careers ever before. I’ve worked in retail for seventeen years and worked for different major retailers before. I’ve never made a career change.

Career changes aren’t new, and we all get bored to death with our current field. I’m looking forward to the new change. Change is required to grow.

Writing can be challenging. However, if I don’t get to use my brain and think a moment’s thought, I feel nothing. I have reached the point in my tenure as a manager where I don’t see the challenges anymore.

I’m used to being a manager, and it doesn’t bring me joy anymore. So hence, the new change in the road of life. My depression thanks me for doing something different in my life. With something new, comes fear. Fear of failure. Fear of writer’s block. General fear.

Anxiety is one nasty pain in the ass. But I love a challenge. Imagine how bored I get when do the same routine and work in the same routine day after day. Wouldn’t you die of boredom? Oh yes.

Yesterday, my body needed to release some tears just because one’s depressed. It comes with the territory. So I cried like a girl for a moment and felt better.

While I’m transitioning careers, I worry about ones closest to me. My mother has been recently experiencing some medical issues. Nothing major to set off my mental health. Just need to take better care of herself. Her doctor found out that she’s very dehydrated and drinks a little too much diet soda.

I’ve been there! I’ve been trying to get her to switch to water, unsweetened tea, and coffee to stay hydrated–preferably more water. Dehydration can kill you if you don’t take care of yourself. She’s a wreck because her next ECT treatment is coming. I completely understand. ECT’s are scary as hell, but work for my mother’s mental health.

In the meantime, I write and wait patiently for the end of February to come.



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