A new journey

Can I get an Amen?

Hard to believe January is half over already. I asked myself, “What have I done already this year?” I’m working on myself in so many ways.

Becoming more sociable is tough with depression especially when you want to keep to yourself. I decided to get out a little more and invest some time and energy in writing classes. It’s beneficial because I get to meet other budding writers and do something I enjoy.

I have a lot to learn about the writing field. There are tons of workshops available, and there are beta readers that help edit and proof your work for free. A writing workshop is beneficial and expensive. I recently joined up for a writing course and a self-publishing course, too.

This allows my creativity to shine through. I admit that I’m nervous about speaking in front of a crowd and reading my writing in front of others. Call it camera shy or stage fright.

I was interested in one course offered downtown that focuses on writing about painful experiences, and since I’ve had my share of pain, that might not hurt to take it.

Lately, I’ve been writing some free verse poems about my depression, and I didn’t realize how dark my poems were. But depression isn’t a light topic.

I would love to publish many books or poems about mental health because it’s a subject that I know too well and is easy to write for me.

I’m looking forward to my writing workshops in late February and hopefully publish a book this year. I will continue to take more classes to perfect my writing including a poetry class. The sky is the limit.

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