Tis the Holiday Season

48 hours to the big day. Not my house by the way. I wish!

Countdown to the big day: 48 hours. Let’s see: Christmas lights, check. Fully decorated Christmas tree, check. Heat and AC are working, check. Everything to make Christmas dinner, check. Cold & flu medicine for a sick mother, check. Listened to too many Christmas carols over again at work that I scream when I hear another one, check! A lovely extended vacation for the well deserved, that’s a double check. New Year’s resolution? Already broken. Wait, it’s two days before Christmas? What? 2019 is rearing its head at us? No?!

This happens every year. As midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve and turns into New Year’s, we celebrate with champagne or booze (whatever floats your boat!) and sing the song “Auld Lang Syne.” We make our New Year’s resolutions and then break them within in minutes (like me!). Every new year is like a fresh start or a new beginning. We leave the past behind us and move forward.

The last two years are years that I need to leave behind completely after so much trauma. But after January, then comes a long winter. Winter seems to last an eternity, but it’s only three months. Then the temperatures warm up, spring makes its official debut, flowers start blooming, and my allergies start driving me towards the loving arms of Claritin and Flonase.

My favorite time of year aka summer goes faster than a freight train and soon leaves are falling. Depressing, right? The best is yet to come! Then comes the winter solstice aka the return of winter. I only loved winter when I lived up north and experienced a white snowy Christmas.

Now, we’re exactly 48 hours away from Christmas Day. How is that possible? Where does time go? It’s like I sneezed and the months just flew by. I don’t expect much for Christmas after breaking a bone this year and various other medical bills, but I’m still grateful in every way. My depression feels otherwise. It’s usually negative because the winter season kicks my depression into all-time high.

I’ve learned not to let things get to me including my depression. It’s rough. At least I get to spend Christmas with family and relax and enjoy the holidays. That’s all I need. Time to reflect, think about what I do have and looks towards the coming year. It’s the non-material things like family, and friends that matter the most versus the material things. I don’t need much nor ask for much, just a little peace in my world. That’s all. Time flies too fast. Take a moment and cherish each moment before it passes you by.

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