Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You, Hopefully!

The blog forced a story to be written for the world and to give people living with mental illness a voice.  A half of a year was spent writing, re-writing, and discovering one’s self. That journey is over and a new one begins.  

This year has been the turning point in my life. I never thought I could write anything let alone a book. But I did it. I did it with blood, sweat and quite a few tears. Writing isn’t easy at all. Writing about your mental health is a lot harder. I had to plunge myself back into my past and think about my life and how far I’ve come. 

We all come from somewhere and with a story. It needs to be written and written well. I thought writers required a degree in English, Journalism or English Literature, but some of the most celebrated authors didn’t. Some devoted their time to what they did best: write and write. The truth is, you need to think creatively. Use your imagination and let those juices flow. 

It took me a while to get those juices flowing and thought about my story. Who’s going to read this? Who’s my target audience? Why publish a story that’s been told by someone else? I’m sure millions can relate to my story. And I’m sure the main target audience is anyone who experiences what I’ve ecountered throughout my life. My group can range from all ages for ex: 18 and up. Why publish? Because it’s my story and mental illness is a subject that’s too important to ignore. 

I’ve felt ashamed and kept to myself about my diagnosis. I lived too many years in silence and now, I will not. I will accomplish something once and for all. My shy, depressed self could spend one’s time just writing. I could, and I did. I thought if self-publishing is the easiest part, then what’s the hardest part? Writing. I look to self-publish with Amazon in both e-book and paperback through the suggestion of a lovely helper aka my cousin. But the journey is still beginning. I get to design what the book will look like and become a creator for the first time. And once that is complete, the book will be available at your disposal. 

If all goes well, maybe I will continue writing about things that I enjoy or find interesting. I’ve never realized how writing impacts your mental health. It makes mine a lot better. For example, yesterday I had a lovely panic and anxiety attack from work, and I got out my laptop and jotted down my thoughts. I quickly forgot about my inner demons and just wrote down my feelings. Why didn’t I think about that in years past when I went through horrible depression? I don’t know. Written exposure therapy is good for the soul. A lesson learned in treatment that I’m now using after all this time. 

For now, I will enjoy exploring my self-publishing skills and create a page-turning, eye-catching book for people to read. My next question to myself is: What did I learn from writing this book and how has it changed my life?

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