Finished, Finito, Terminado

It’s been a long journey! Now I need someone to publish me!

On June 29th of this past year, I started something new in my life. It wasn’t just a blog about living with mental illness, but it prompted a book to form inside. I didn’t realize with every journal entry or blog post, and I was sharing my story. My story needs to be heard. So, I spent countless hours brainstorming, outlining, re-living dark moments left in the past, writing and re-writing. I did all of this in six months along with a full-time job and managing a big business.

And did I mention that I wrote a majority of with a broken hand? I did. I’m completely done with the book from my standpoint. The next step is finding a publisher. Easier said than done. I combed through various publishing firms in Houston and some don’t fit my criteria. The one I want is one that may be harder to crack. This firm gets a lot of manuscripts and only publish a small portion of them. Some publishers will accept your manuscript, and you will provide a book proposal and wait. You could be waiting for months. Unbelievable, right?

A cousin is a writer, and I asked her for advice. I don’t want to be waiting for nothing. I put so much time and energy in this project, and I want it published for everyone. This subject is too important not to publish. I guess I need not get myself worked up but congratulate myself on a job well done. I didn’t think I could do it. I did. Now, I focused on writing more things like poems or short stories. I need to be patient and keep a positive outlook. 

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