Back to the Salt Mines

I feel like I should be humming the jingle from the Kit Kat Bars commercial, “Give Me a Break.” Well, the last 72 hours, I broke myself a few pieces of that Kit Kat Bar for some peace and tranquility to restore my mental health.

Sometimes life brings you too much lemonade, and it can be challenging to deal with at certain times. Saturday night, I was ready to throw in the towel. I couldn’t handle another person whining or complaining about this and that. 

I swear for a moment, it was all customers that had to gripe over the smallest detail. My favorite was a customer trying to scam their way into a free drink along with their refund and wanted that refund to be mailed to their house. Lying to get what you want will not work.

You can try it all you want to, but I have a good detector for scams and have seen enough in sixteen years. After a nice and professional conversation explaining the refund policies including how refunds are (including credit card refunds) are completed in store only, this customer got mad and dropped a few f-bombs before calling me a bitch. I’ve been called worse things on the job, but I simply kept calm and explained the policy over and over again.

Other companies have the same return policy. There are no excuses for being lazy and being overall rude. I knew this customer lied through their teeth and only wanted their refund mailed to them instead of driving to the nearest store. Again, retail isn’t for the faint of hearts or weaklings. 

After I got off the phone, I was mad. I was more mad at the customer’s lies and deceit than anything. I kept thinking, “Who does this kind of scam?” What’s the point? All you’re doing is enraging the retailer more than anything. You’re not getting what you want. 

I tried to not it let bother me and kept moving on. For three days, I caught up on my sleep, continued writing, rewriting and learning how to write in a concise and active voice. Grammarly is helpful and corrects a lot of errors made by me. I had to look up what “squinting modifiers” and writing in the “active and passive voices” were. It’s hard to write something that happened in the past and use it in the active voice, but a little critical thinking doesn’t hurt. 

My goal is to finish the book completely by early 2019. It’s good to have a deadline and it forces you to do something. I can’t believe Christmas and New Years are around the corner and surprisingly, I’m looking forward to both holidays. Holidays are depressing for a number of reasons. My depression declines so much because when July 4th hits, the year fades away too fast. I still have yet to put up the tree. I’m still broke from medical bills on my hand, so Christmas presents will be an imagination. That’s OK, I don’t need anything. All I need is to be around family and friends; and enjoy the holidays. 


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  1. Hey there Jennifer! I have a daughter named Jennifer!! So, I have been living w/depression I think, since I was born?!? Have had anxiety since 1987, along with PTSD, because of abuse, both physically and emotionally, by a ex-husband who was an alcoholic. Did that even make sense?! Anyway I think you know what I mean. I’ve lost my parents, a baby sister and older brother. Around the holidays, I get so depressed!! I’m really having a rough time for some reason, this year. I’m gonna leave it right here for now.

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