Six weeks later…Cast free

Six weeks have slowly gone by since the scary encounter that resulted in a broken metacarpal bone in my right hand. Another trip was made to urgent care and more money was spent on health care. I have the worst luck this year. But that’s over and now I reflect on my thoughts post accident.

I had to learn how to do menial tasks that were taken for granted such as driving, showering and writing. Left handed is not for me. I wasn’t made to do things left-handed.

I had to learn how to be left-handed. I had to learn how to be more careful the next time that I ride a bike. Hospital bills are ungodly expensive. Same thing goes with rehab, its expensive also. I stopped exercising until my hand healed. I haven’t weighed myself in weeks. I still have no contact with soda and mostly drink water, tea and coffee. I still ate after 7 pm and stress ate my feelings.

I was working heavily on my manuscript. With one hand! Some parts of the potential book are fantastic and others need more rewrites. I didn’t realize that my story is very dark. It sounds like a script for a horror film. My dad read excerpts and it was really gory for him. But who said living with depression is a happy story? No one.

Work has been challenging when you’re one-handed. I can’t tell you how many well-intentioned people have ask repeatedly, “What happened to you?” They made me feel like I was the only one that broke a bone in their lifetime. Seriously, why ask? It’s a good thing that my injury wasn’t more serious like a gunshot wound. Imagine the number of times people asking what happened to you. I’ve never felt more like a baby. That’s how people treated me. I’m not a baby and I’m stronger than people know and realize. I’m built Ford Tough. Many people don’t even know what I’ve gone through in my life and never will.

I still have more rehab left to do. And it will give me more opportunities to work and write. I really want to finish this book, publish it, and look forward to and hopefully, start a new career change.

I have to say that living cast free now feels better. I still have to be extra careful since I’m around 85% healed. I still have stiffness in my pinky and my metacarpal bone. I’m able to write right-handed again. Yes! I can do many things to a certain extent, but be careful. There was a surgical option in case if the bone didn’t reset the right way, but I don’t need that unless I’m a bigger klutz. Rehab will help me get my range of motion back because I can’t make a complete close fist without cursing. However, the doctor said this is still a major improvement in six weeks. I couldn’t move the whole hand or shake hands. I did that yesterday. I have to try to not overwork myself especially on the job. I’m always doing something and business is picking up more because of the holidays.


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