Second Strength

This week has been one of the most trying weeks. I’ve been under the weather with ever contagious flu. I got my shot in September and now, here comes the flu. In retail, you’re surrounded by germs everywhere. I caught it airborne from other customers and employees. My parents both have it now. Holiday planning isn’t working for us because of we all too sick to plan. I just want to be better.

My oldest dog was quite the helper when I was sick. My youngest one didn’t care at all. She snoozed right through it. I have no energy to do anything including writing. My mind is too focused on being sick. This week alone I went through three packs of OTC medicine just to get rid of it. I’m a lot better now but, I still feel not up to par. It doesn’t help that I’m working 40 hours and six days a week with a few hours of sleep. I need to be patient, and it will go away.


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