The Return


For the last week, yours truly was dealing with a lovely bump in the road aka a nasty bug; but I’m slowly coming back. Honestly, when I fell ill last weekend, I said, “Just great. Can life get any worse?” Don’t jinx yourself!

I spent the past few days sick as a dog. My head became a sworn enemy. I had migraines like I did back in April. My sinuses were stuffed, clogged, and filled with pressure and pain. I shrugged it off as allergies because the weather is changing and it’s that time of year. But I thought it was the flu because many other co-workers have the flu.

Since I’m a manager (that has no husband/boyfriend or kids), I had to work. It does suck that I’m single and I’m the only manager that is available. But I chose my field. I can’t really complain, I’ve worked with the stomach flu and bronchitis before. I sucked it up and downed as many hot teas with honey and peppermint until my stomach said, “Enough.”

I also started popping Vitamin C in my body so that my immune system stays in shape. And started taking medicine to relieve my sickness, so I don’t have to make another trip this year to urgent care. Currently, I’m 2 for 2. I’m batting a 1,000.

What always happens when I become sick is that my depression especially the anxiety take a significant decline towards hell. I’ve noticed that every time I get sick. I’m cautious as to what over the counter medicine I pick because some interact with my anxiety. The other night, I was watching TV around 11 pm and fell asleep. Around 1 am, I awoke to heart palpitations and an upset stomach. It was like someone took the defibrillator to my chest and woke me up. It was those stupid anxiety demons.

After that, I couldn’t sleep. The past few nights, I couldn’t sleep a full night’s sleep. And that drives me nuts. I need sleep to function and to recover from being sick. My mood is negative, too. Who likes being sick when they already have a chronic illness like mental illness already? No one. Some people would look at me and say, “What’s your problem?”

“Hmmm, let’s see: I’m sick and I have depression. Wouldn’t that make you upset?”

If you say yes, then bless you. I’m really looking forward to getting back to my old self. I still have one more week of cast living (It’s about time!), possibly more physical rehab visits and then things go back to normal. Then I will resume my walking, exercise & dieting, and full emphasis on the book. Unfortunately, I’m stuck working on my birthday aka Thanksgiving Day, but oh well. It’s not the whole day. I can still celebrate and enjoy the holiday with family. Maybe, I should knock on wood just in case. To be safe?


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