Writing with a blank head


The past few days I foolishly neglected my thoughts and avoided writing momentarily. Writing a great chapter or a great book takes time. I’ve been overwhelmed with long hours at work and put my writing and thoughts on the back burner. Any great page of writing has been placed on the back burner.

When I do take it to work with me, I always get interrupted at work. Someone will need me for something even on a lunch hour. I can never write anywhere, but my quiet den in my house. Nowhere else is it more peaceful and tranquil. Some days, I will write great pages and then my brain decides to explode.

I don’t know what is more frustrating. Having a great writing moment with the words just flowing onto the page and then suddenly, it’s gone. Writer’s block or brain farts can really aggravate me and forced me to take a break. During breaks, my brain will now cooperate and it will drive me insane.

I’m still writing the first draft. That’s the goal right there. Actually, putting your entire story on paper is the hard part. The easy part is re-writes for me. I can easily re-write a bad page in to a great page. I have to remember to be patient and the book will come to life. I just need to take it day by day and reward myself for every effort I put in. So what, if I wrote a couple of pages that weren’t my best. That’s the power of editing.



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