A Writing Mode


I’ve been burning the midnight oil with my writing and work. The past two days, I’ve spent endless hours editing and reshaping my story. What I didn’t realize that a lot of my posts already tell part of my story, but not all of it. The other part of the story is a lot harder to write because it deals with more darkness. It will have to come out. I can’t keep pondering all these things inside no more.

I really have to sort through so many pages of my story and polish it up. What I don’t realize is that I feel better and feel like a winner for the first time in my life. Writing a book is no easy task, but isn’t impossible. It certainly isn’t easy when your dominant hand is still healing (4 more weeks of cast living) and it feels like your head is the better writer than your hand.

Almost four months have passed since the beginning of the blog and that’s how long I’ve been working on my story. Everyday I write as much as possible before and after work. I look forward to the day when it’s completed.

Great news on the hand. It’s healing very well and just need a little more physical therapy. Exercising will resume shortly, probably after the cast comes off. I did lose another couple of pounds in the past weeks without walking for a few miles. I’m down lbs from July and continue to eat better. Eventually, I will have to devote more time to my book vs the blog. My goal is to have it in order and possibly done in the coming months or year.



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