Staying Busy


I’m a huge procrastinator. Doing something now instead of later is what I need to learn how to do. I was going to write yesterday, but I didn’t. Instead, I focused all my energy on a different project. I’ve wanted to do something meaningful for a long time, and I refuse to let it go on the back burner.


Yesterday, I got Grammarly on my computer and went through my first round of edits. I’m not the best writer, but with help; I can accomplish my goals. I printed close to 100 pages of my story about living with depression and will spend a while polishing and shaping my story into a book. A friend of mine released his and this is something that I really want to do.

I’m not the only person that has written a book about mental illness. I’m sure some say: “What’s so different about yours vs. the others?” Great question. Everyone’s story is different and writing is therapeutic for me. My story could inspire or help someone. Who knows.

Yesterday, I felt unwell. I guess with the weather change and being flu season; I could feel it coming. I woke up in pain again. My hand still hurts after three weeks. My head and the rest of my body felt sick. My head ached, my stomach churned, and thought I was going to lose it. A thirty-degree difference in weather is a lot. 90-degree weather to 60-degree weather is a huge difference. I was happy with the fall-like temperatures, but my body said: “No.”

Work is crazy right because a shift manager just quit. Just great. As if money problems, work schedule problems, and all other crap going on in my life isn’t enough, I have to deal with this. This is why I prefer to work in a quieter place and just write. For now, I have to scramble to make things work and get my head in the right space.

I really just want to blog and write my passion project. I still need to keep my job because writing doesn’t pay the bills just yet. If I do accomplish this goal, then I would personally feel like I’ve really done something in my life for the first time. Did I say “If”? I meant “when.” You’ll never finish what you started by saying or using the word “if.” For now, I take it day by day and just write and edit.


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