Terror in South Carolina


Take a good luck at former veteran police officer Terrance Calloway. He served 30 years on the force and was dedicated to being an officer. He loved kids. He loved what he did and fellow officers called him their “bravest of all men.” On Wednesday, that “brave” man answered a call along with his fellow officers in blue and didn’t except a complete ambush.

Whenever one is signed up to be a police officer, firefighter, or joins the military; they probably already know that this is a dangerous working environment. But they do what they have to do because they enjoy their field and earn a living. Getting hurt or killed in the line of duty is something that happens.

On Wednesday, officers swarmed to a house to deliver a warrant, and what they encountered very quickly was like walking into a war zone. Four officers were shot just as they approached the property. Inside the house, the accuser’s son accused his father of sexual assault and was holding people as captives. Officers barricaded themselves and were fully armed. When shots rang out, both officers and the accuser exchanged fire. Officer Calloway was fatally shot and six of his fellow colleagues were shot, too.

Today, two of them remain critical and one is in stable condition.


Take a good luck at the officers shot. Think about them. Pray for them. Think about how a terrifying event like this alters your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in law enforcement for a few years or a few decades, what you see on a daily basis haunts you to a certain extent. A case like this enough to do that. Imagine the PTSD that the surviving officers now face after this. Wouldn’t you have nightmares?

Everyone has a life. Family, friends, someone. But when someone snuffs out your life because they’re accused of assault and are disgruntled, you can’t get them back. They’re gone forever. These officers were doing their jobs. There is no reason to inflict terror on anyone. Hopefully, the killer realizes what he has done. What he has taken away. What he will be doing while spending the rest of his life in jail: Thinking. Think about the Calloway’s family, the fellow officers and their families. Think about what you did. Think about the pain, the anger that the families as well as the community is enduring right now. Answers are what is required now and justice for all.

Stories like these are important stories to tell because we are talking about our mental health well-being. You may not realize how events like these can trigger depression, PTSD and other forms of mental health issues. Maybe even the killer had some serious mental issues or a grudge that he couldn’t let go of from the past. Whatever it is, seven more lives are changed forever. Calloway’s family will forever be broken inside and have to come to terms with this unexpected loss. The remaining six will now have to adjust to a new normal. One was shot in the head. Imagine surviving that and try to move on with your life. It wouldn’t surprise if they experience anxiety every time they put their uniform and start working. Could this be the day that I’m going to be killed in the line of duty? Or will I be able to protect my community and see my family today?

Many prayers, many condolences are with former officer Terrance Calloway’s family, friends and fellow colleagues. Also prayers and well wishes for Officer Brian Hart, Officer Travis Scott, Officer Scott Williamson, Investigator Sarah Miller, and Investigator Farrah Turner.

Justice for these lives! No more violence. No more hate.


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