Adjusting to a new normal



Six weeks will be one of the longest six weeks of my life. A metacarpal fracture is typically one of the most common fractures in the hand. Also known as the Boxer’s fracture. Main causes are falls and spills. This just a guide as to what my right hand looks like.

The metacarpal bone is attached to your pinky and I have a nice clean break as pictured above. I will say that I thought it was a sprain. It hurts like a dull pain and I’m suffering from mild discomfort in my pinky area. I’m wrapped up like a mummy from my wrist up to the forearm. My ring and pinky fingers are wrapped together at an angle to prevent movement.

When I found out that it was a fracture and that it required mandatory cast living for six weeks that made me upset. I slowly realized that this is my dominant hand that’s fractured. So I have to rely on my less dominant hand: my left hand. I’m no southpaw. I didn’t think about the following: getting dressed, brushing my teeth, bathing, tying my shoes, tying my apron at work, driving, writing, and etc.

Wednesday, I get my official cast for the next six weeks. So off I go to the orthopedic surgeon. I hope that with a cast it will heal up. In some cases, they have to reset it and if that happens, please knock me out. I do not want to be awake for that. My dad is a complete saint because he will be with me on Wednesday for support and will help me fill out new patient paperwork. After I scheduled my appointment with orthopedic surgeon, my new boss called and asked if I was heading into work. Yeah, that’s not possible. After I came home from urgent care, I sent him a photo of my hand. I can’t tie my own shoes. I can’t write. I’m temporarily on the disabled list until further notice.

Today was challenging. Making a simple sandwich and easy meals with wrong hand is hard. Going to bathroom is hard, too. Eating left-handed isn’t easy. I had to rely on help when it came to washing my hair in the sink. Fun, isn’t it? Taking a bath was so much fun. My water heater blew up yesterday and was fixed today. The repairman felt so bad for me because this happened and I broke my hand. I’m just having the best luck ever. Did I mention that two weeks ago, I broke my handheld vanity mirror? I think this is the bad luck heading my way. My hand breaks then my water heater breaks. Any more bad luck? Don’t answer that. After that was fixed, I waited a little bit so I can take a bath. My dogs stared at me in disbelief and confusion as I undressed and bagged up my arm with a trash bag. I took a shower with two dogs barking at me. What can you do?

I did scream when I looked at my body. I have some very nice bruises all over my body. One large one on my leg. And my entire body is thoroughly sore. My anxiety still has yet to hit me head on. Maybe a little PTSD, too. You never know. I probably won’t be on a bike for quite a while. Sleeping hasn’t been great. Sleeping with a bum arm elevated is one thing. I miss tossing and turning. Not to mention, two small yipping Chihuahuas have to desperately sleep with me. I guess I’m their security blanket or their trusty night-light.

I did get a call from Urgent Care asking me how I was doing. I don’t know. Break a bone in your body and see how it feels was my answer. I’m quite moody when I’m in discomfort. My own therapist even found out about my accident. My mother was to be taken there for her visit because our doctors are in the same place. Like your average mother she said: “I can’t come. My daughter is my ride. She broke her hand and sees the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.” Thanks, Ma. The phone rings when I’m trying to sleep. My dad is notorious for calling me during my resting periods. He called a couple of times and asked how I was doing and what he can do for me. Nice. I take care of my parents and it comes back tenfold. So my mom was helping me take the dogs out, giving them baths, and housework like dishes and laundry.

The biggest challenge will come down to going back to work. If I have to take a leave of absence, I hope it I still get paid. Remind you that I have bills like everyone else and I live paycheck to paycheck. That decision won’t come until Wednesday. For now, I keep my arm elevated with a comfy pillow at all times. I limit my mobility so I don’t move it. Then I ice it periodically to reduce discomfort and swelling. The swelling hurts really bad. My hand and my fingers look like they blew up like balloons. And I have to rely on Ibuprofen for relief. I still have Tylenol 3, but that causes interferences with my antidepressants.

I try to do things to keep my mind off the pain. I binged watched shows and caught an important match up between the Milwaukee Brewers (my hometown and my team) and Chicago Cubs. After the game was over, I cheered so much that it caused some discomfort in my hand. I also forgot that I had a splint on and started clapping. That was pure stupidity. Oops! I’m a die-hard sports fan and this is what relaxes me. Weird, huh? I watched the whole game and ignored the constant throbbing in my right hand.

I just have to stay positive and take it easy. I did have a couple of back to back days of really bad panic attacks. No surprise. A sudden event will do that. While I was resting, my heart started racing, I was perspiring, and felt queasy. This is normal panic attacks at its best.

I can’t wait for the day when I can start walking again. One day down and my body is saying: “We need to walk.” All in good time. Right now, my entire body is sore. I have bruises and muscle aches from the fall. Oh well. My oldest dog is quite the nurse. She stayed by me throughout the day. She does the same thing whenever I’m in pain or sick. Quite the helper she is.

So until I heal up, its rest and relaxation.



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