So much and so little time!

to much

Ever wish there were more hours in the day? I feel like I can’t get anything done sometimes. Work takes a lot out of me. Work is especially busy at Starbucks because fall and winter are approaching. My day never stops and when I get home, I try to write a post as quickly as possible and putting the finishing touches on my online store. Not to mention that I’ve been walking a lot for almost two weeks now.

I’ve been working on a lot. First off, my physical health. I’m now done to 229lbs. One pound lighter than last week. I walk for 2-5 miles a day and eat my meals. I usually stop eating after 7 or 8pm. I’ve been drinking solely water, coffee and tea. I don’t see much difference in the waistline, but it takes time for weight to come off. Every morning I wake up and eat my breakfast. Then lunch and dinner with a few snacks in between and stop at 7pm. Intermittent fasting is hard but not too overly complicated. One of my projects is to get out my regular bike and start riding my bike around the neighborhood. Another great way to burn some calories. I do get bored with walking at times. So I’m slowly mixing it up. I’m still debating on joining a gym or start yoga. Those classes aren’t cheap and I’m focusing on saving money. And having less stress to deal with.

I did return my Fitbit Versa because it didn’t sync with my three-year old prepaid Sprint Samsung Volt Android, so the Garmin Vivo Sport was my next option. Again, I don’t feel the need to invest in a new phone because my current one works fine and only costs me $35 a month. I will say that the Garmin Vivo Sport is either really smart or pretty sneaky. I started walking yesterday and today with it and I walked about 10,000 steps on both days and it said that I burned over 3400 calories. If this is correct then that means that I lost 2 pounds in two days. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. That’s pretty much normal if this is how many calories you lose in a week, not in two days. I wore my watch throughout my entire 8 hour shifts and this is what it said. It does show your heart rate and your stress levels, too. That’s pretty neat, right?

Work is what it is. It’s never a dull day being a manager at Starbucks. It’s getting to be that time of the year where we are getting more and more crazy. But that’s ok! Without business nor customers, you have no paycheck.

Then working on my online shop is taking a lot out of me. I dig out the products that I’m going to sell and then catalog them into groups. I inventory them, categorize them and price them. And I set my own hours, too. It’s funny how that since I work nights, my shop will be available during the daytime. Once inventory starts selling, then I will close shop and add more items to the collection.

But I don’t complain at all. I enjoy what I do and it keeps my mind going. My stress levels aren’t too bad. I just wish there were extra hours in day to get more things done.




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