My Product Must-Haves



Is there a product out there that you can’t live without? If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you take? My trusty pitcher and bottle for water, for starters! Maybe some comfy shoes and light clothing.

Today, I wanted to share with you my must haves in order to stay healthy and well. FYI, you will not find a lot of scented or girly products because I’m a tomboy and have sensitive skin and bad allergies to certain scents. All the products I use are what works for me and I don’t sell any of them

My first must have is: (FYI, you can find all at nearest grocery stores or via Amazon for the online shoppers!)

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Lavender Lotion. Aside from Shea Butter and Aloe lotion, I use this very often. The scent is very relaxing and has chamomile in it as well as oatmeal. After a long day at work, it’s nice to come home and lather myself with relaxing lotion to soothe those aching muscles.

lavender lotion

Speaking of those aching muscles, they need some Epsom Salt with Lavender. This beauty helps you soothe those aches and pains and it helps put you to sleep. So after a brutal day on my feet and need some relief, then get into the tub and start soaking up the glory. I didn’t know products like this existed!




Oh how much I love you! When lavender or Epsom salt will not do, I turn to you! A lovely pharmacist told me about this after my incident with ZZZQuil. I found out that I was allergic to it because it had Benadryl in it. But lesson learned. Melatonin 5 mg, once a daily (as needed of course!) works wonders. You will have to start a regime for at least a week or longer so it builds up in your body. Once it does, you fall in asleep in 30 minutes or less. I will take one and I will be out like a light! It wakes me up bright and early every morning and gives me my needed beauty sleep. 5mg are best for adults.

My water bottles




There are so many water bottles out there that I don’t know where to begin. I do have some Starbucks tumblers that are all glass. The cold cup in the middle is all glass and I use that all the time. The only downside with reusable cups is straws. I hate cleaning straws. That’s why I will buy water bottles like the one on the right. It’s pretty handy because there is no straw. The cap is spill free. Yes! And also has silicone on it so you don’t drop and have to buy a new bottle. Been there.

My water & tea infuser pitcher


I don’t know why it took me forever to buy one. I worked for a company that sold household products and they sold these. At your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon, they sell these bad boys in various colors at a reasonable price. I prefer glass pitchers over BPA free bottles. It’s just me. I bought two of them and you can make your own infused waters or teas. I prep them everyday with different fruits and flavors to spice u my H20. Also check out for loads of great recipes and useful information about fruits and their superpowers.

Speaking of water, what do you need when you’re working out or power walking like me? A good pair of tennis shoes or running shoes.


Typically, when I need new shoes, I head to my nearest Academy or Famous Footwear store and get the best pair for me. Since I’m on my feet 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, I need great shoes. Comfy shoes, too. I wear all black non-slip shoes by Sketchers. I make sure they’re comfy, durable, and worth the money. I go through at least two pairs of shoes a year. Yikes, I know. But shoes are a necessity and very important for your feet. I will also purchase a pair of running or walking shoes in the picture above with traction on them. How bad is it when you’re out and about and you slip and fall because the traction on your soles are bad? Very. With shoes, don’t go cheap. Really find good, durable, and comfortable shoes. You will not see me in heels of any kind. Same thing with sandals. I do have a pair of Crocs just for times when I’m too lazy to lace up my shoes.

Comfortable socks!


You need socks as well to go with your shoes, right? I buy many pairs of socks such as professional black socks for work, the ankle cut socks above are my favorite ones to wear especially in Texas heat. These are usually sold in packs of 6 depending on the retailer.



Thank you Leap Fitness for this! This pedometer is a free app that you can download to your smart phone. This app does it all for you. It counts your steps, it measures the distance of how far you walked, how many calories you burned today and even congratulates you on making your goal. So easy!

For the love of tea! I love you and there’s so many of them available. Because I work at Starbucks, I swear by a lot of teas especially Teavana teas that Teavana stores use to sell. At work here are my must haves:


These eight wonders of the world are: Citrus Defender, Comfort, Defense, Honey Citrus, Jade Citrus, Mint Majesty, Peach Tranquility and Rev Up. Fun facts: If you’re sick with the flu and/or have allergies then get a Citrus Defender or a Honey Citrus Mint tea. The defense tea is loaded with Vitamin C and it’s an herbal white tea. Honey and lemonade are placed inside of them to help you get better. 

Citrus Defender is your BFF when you need Vitamin C in your body. It’s a white herbal tea with honey and steamed lemonade. Definitely add peppermint flavoring to help soothe aches and pains plus an upset stomach.

Honey Citrus Mint is another BFF when you are you sick. It’s nicknamed the Medicine Ball tea by Starbucks fans. This is a lifesaver for me, too. It has Jade Citrus Mint (herbal green) tea and Peach Tranquility (Chamomile!) tea with honey, lemonade and peppermint.

Comfort tea is a great herbal tea. This one has citrus in it, but it also has ginger and peppermint in it. I drink this one religiously when I have an upset stomach because ginger and peppermint soothe a bad stomach.

Defense tea is a white herbal tea with lemongrass and other flavors.

Jade Citrus and Mint Majesty are both herbal green teas with mint flavors that also work great for so many things.

Peach Tranquility and Comfort tea are BFFs when it comes to calming your nerves. The ingredient known as Chamomile is the one that you want when you need to relax.

Rev Up is a strong black tea that’s mixed with oolong and white tea. It does have some fruity flavors in it. This one you have to sweetened this one a little bit.

Royal English, Emperor’s Cloud and Earl Grey’s are ones that I will make time to time. It depends on how I’m feeling. London Fog lattes are best with vanilla and soymilk. It really brings out the flavors and is very creamy. It’s also better iced than hot.

All of these necessities are just some of many things that I can’t live without. These help my health in so many ways. I would highly recommend checking them out and seeing if it helps your mental health and overall health. Again, this is just some of my go to products that I buy!



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