No More!

Are the following messages above clear enough to read? Once again, we are hit with two new stories in the news that are sadly our new normal in society: another shooting in a different place. It’s the same old story. The same story that angers a nation and more people are affected and changed forevermore. Innocent victims are shot down in cold blood and others survive the ordeal. But for some this seems just another day in a cruel and unfair world; but for others the message is crystal clear: What are we doing to prevent this?

Obviously, very little because more and more people are getting gunned down. Whatever motivates or possesses people to take someone’s life is unthinkable. Life is hard and will always be, but what happens when someone just suddenly goes off and does the unthinkable? What now? Do we start by taking all guns away? Do we start more extensive and more thorough background checks including psychiatric evaluations? Talking does very little. Taking action does more. Being proactive and standing up for your right to live your lives in a safer environment is our right.

I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to drive or to go somewhere and not look over my shoulder in fear for my life. Nor do I want to see someone die by the hands of someone else and their guns. I don’t think I could live anymore if I saw that.

The two recent shootings in Maryland and Wisconsin hit home for me. First, Wisconsin is my birthplace and always my first home. Any kind of act that occurs like this will affect me. That place is like home for me and so is the US. This is the also country that I live in. And your country, too.

What we are not realizing or understanding is that mental illness along with gun control are the two main issues (aside from the war on drugs) going on this country and the world. If you have mental illness and you know how it can cause you to become irrational and it can cause you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Think about it! People with mental illness shouldn’t have access to any kind of weapon at all. Same goes with people who are undiagnosed with mental illness, too.

Look at all of the shootings and other tragic events over the years and there’s usually a common denominator that connects them all together. Each one of these shooters had a motive. They did what they did because they were mentally ill. Debate about it all you want, but it makes you think. Why would you take someone’s life just for the hell of it? There’s always a reason as to why people do the things that they do. But it is scary when it’s cold-blooded and there’s no motive.

Take a good look at the picture below:


“More Americans have died from guns in the US since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American History.”

This is major food for thought. We as a society are better than this. If we want change, then action must be taken. Stand up for your fellow brothers and sisters and help end the gun violence. Get the guns out of the wrong hands. That’s the big issue here! It’s plain and simple. I respect everyone who abides by the 2nd Amendment and their choice to  legally own a gun. I respect everyone who uses their gun for protection and for hunting, and that’s all. I don’t respect people who purchase guns or any other weapon of choice and use it to kill innocent human beings.

I personally, don’t feel safe when I know that a lot of my neighbors and people who I know in Texas have guns in their homes and in their possession. It’s fine for protection, but I don’t want to be near one at all. I’m sure everyone else feels the same.

Truthfully, this is an issue that needs more help. It needs more emphasis. It’s not doing any good if our police and emergency crews are always responding to a shooting or any other sickening act of violence like this. This type of violence occurs daily in Baltimore, Chicago and any other major city in the US. Nowhere in this world is safe. Not even your own home.

There are ways to help stop the violence. You can call your local congress or politician’s office, register to vote, get a petition started, more research on guns and mental illness, better mental health care system, you can get more active in your community, talk more about this issue and mental illness, follow or join websites that are devoted to stop the gun violence.

These are just a few of websites to explore and gain more insight and awareness of one of the biggest crises (along with war on drugs) that our nation faces everyday.

Remember, my motto? Be the change, not the problem. We all have the ability to make this world better than it was originally founded. And remember the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Stand in solidarity with all and wear orange and help end gun violence.





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