Healthy living!


So today, I want to share with you someone of absolute favorite healthy dishes for the people on the go and want to eat healthier. I thought it would be hard, but I was thinking about it all wrong and looking at the negative side instead of the bright side. Definitely, check out all your options and really talk with your doctor about your health including eating habits. Also start reading up on nutritional facts when you’re in the grocery or heading out for dinner. You may be shocked when you’re favorite food or drink has way more calories than you thought it did. Sticker shock is what I call it! Thankfully, there’s a healthier option available. You can moderate it that particular favorite dish or make it yourself with better ingredients.

Take my pasta salad. This baby is so versatile. It’s like buying your choice of greens and customizing it to your liking. This is just a sample of the many ways, I make this pasta salad. This salad is a little big because I will make enough for at least 2-3 days of lunch or side to my dinner.

pasta salad

  • One box of whole grain rainbow rotini pasta (cooked, drained and cooled)
  • One medium onion (sliced and diced or chopped)
  • One small bag of fresh and shrimp (cooked, drained, and cooled)
  • One green bell pepper (washed, rinsed, sliced or chopped)
  • One small package of low-fat mixed cheese such as mozzarella or CoJack (cubed)
  • One medium carrot (washed, rinsed, and Julienned)
  • A few tablespoons or light sprinkling of low-fat dressing (Cucumber Ranch is delish! Or light Balsamic vinaigrette is delish, too!)

And you can add just about anything else in your salad such as avocados, tomatoes, quinoa, sliced almonds, pistachios, and anything else that floats your boat.

Another thing that I’ve done is invested in a tea infuser pitcher (mine is all glass and the lid is also BPA free) to spice up my H20. You can find those on Amazon or at your local retailer like Bed Bath and Beyond. I picked up the two in the picture from there. It was about $20 for each. $10 well spent. It’s a pretty big pitcher and will help me stay cool and hydrated.


One of the websites that I discovered was and it has loads of delicious recipes and the complete breakdown of fruits, vegetable and spices and their superpowers. I agree that drinking straight H20 is boring, so here’s some help.

Let me show you my Apple Cinnamon Infused Water that I found on that website. So get out your tea infuser and gather your ingredients together.

You will need:

  • Your pitcher, of course
  • One medium size regular red apple of your choice (I like Gala or Kiku apples)
  • A couple of fresh cinnamon sticks
  • And filtered H20 from your very own house (I use filtered water from Culligan)


First, take that apple and core it (without cutting yourself!) and thinly slice it. Then get out your infuser and load it up to the max line with apples and cinnamon. Chill it in the fridge for 4-24 hours. The longer the better. I just made it about an hour ago and I really want to try it, but I really want to wait until the product is complete. Look at that deliciousness!



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