Sleep Study….Part Tres!

Previously on No Laughing Matter Living with Depression”: Last Wednesday night started the home sleep study and it also made my two senior Chihuahuas muy enojado (angry in Spanish!) at me. The results are in and I have………

We now bring you back to your program already in progress: When I started getting ready to hit the sack or call it a day, I got out my “bedtime questionnaire” and read the instructions clearly this time and started hooking myself up. This was very weird, but somewhat interesting. I had to double-check my work to make sure I did everything right. Before that I put my sleeping Chihuahuas in their beds and well, they became irate at me or muy enojado when they discovered that they had to sleep in their beds. Close-up of angry Chihuahua growling, 2 years old

(See picture above!) This was the look on their faces!

FYI, I look like this on days when I’m running on empty and no sleep. They weren’t too pleased at all. They barked like little dogs do and pretty much threw tantrums like children do. They kept scratching my bed and barked and whined. In a firm and authoritative voice I said: “Stop your whining and your barking. This is only for one night. Now behave and go to sleep.” My eldest will listen and do what she’s told. My youngest (Oh, HELL NO!), she’s like an unruly two-year old that doesn’t get her way. She loves me too much and I’m like her mother. She probably thought she was being punished for doing something wrong. This time, NO. She was saying “Mama, Mama, I want to sleep with you.” Sorry, Ariel.

She looked back at me like this: (Kids and pets really guilt trip you don’t they!)


Honestly, I would’ve picked her up and held her, but I had to do this for my health. I told her 8 hours will go by very fast and to stop crying.

Before I started the study, I was getting super anxious about going to bed and I didn’t want to go to bed too early and wake up in the middle of the night. I used to sleep like that when I started work at 5am. I would go to sleep around 8 or 9pm and then get up at 4 in the morning to get ready.

To ease my anxiety, I write, I watch funny shows and movies like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I’ve always LOVED this movie since the ’80s and it always makes me smile and doesn’t make me hyperactive. I try not watching sports because I get so into the games and it keeps me hyper for hours. Remember when the Astro’s went all the way to the World Series last November and won it!? I didn’t sleep at all. I was too wired because it was so emotional and so well deserved on so many levels. I’m that kind of sports fans. I love my sports. I did see my boys, The Houston Astros, on Saturday at Minute Maid Park. A few friends and family came with me and we had a blast. One of my favorite things is watching my favorite teams play.

Wednesday night came and it was quarter after 9pm and I started getting sleepy. So I laid in bed and started closing my eyes. It did take about 25-30 minutes for me to hit REM state (the deep sleep) and I slept like a log until 12:45am. I was awake and carefully looked at the clock. Trying not to set my anxiety in a panic or worst yet (unplug the sleep machine!), I stayed calm and counted back from 10 to go back to sleep. Sometimes, I should just count back from 100 and then try drifting back off to sleep. Funny story: While I was putting all the equipment on me, I pulled a muscle in left shoulder. OUCH. I must’ve exerted myself a little too much and yanked the muscle. Oops! I did have to message that bad boy to ease the pain. It did wake me up during the night. After that, I was able to sleep for about 7 hours (would’ve been 8 if I wasn’t awake at 12:45-1:30) and got up around 6:30am. My inner child would be screaming: “Why get up SO early for?” And my working self would say the same thing, but I was done and anxious to get this equipment off of me. My dogs were finally overjoyed when they got to cuddle up to me and hogged the entire bed afterwards. Go figure!

Thursday morning arrived and I woke up and took the equipment back to the sleep center. NO! I didn’t get lost this time around. Here comes the fun part….the waiting game. Now, my “anxious mind” is now wondering what the diagnosis will be and hopefully, I don’t have to do it again because I screwed up. One of the things I posted on Facebook was “8 things that your thyroid does to your body”. I saw that interesting because yes, I’m fat (There I admitted to myself!), I do get brain fog, sometimes I get chills or sweats, my digestive system is a little off sometimes, and my period is a short and somewhat heavy. I wouldn’t be surprised that this is one of several health issues going in my life. But what can you do when it’s hereditary???!?!? So, I will have to have a consultation with my doctor and schedule some blood tests for an official diagnosis. So more waiting.

One week after the study, I began to get antsy. Thursday came and went and still no call from the sleep center. I had called twice because I wanted to know my results because I’m ready to start making new changes to my life. When the doctor’s office makes you wait longer for your results, it’s like pure torture. It’s like they’re saying: “It’s far worse than you can imagine.” Imagine my anxious mind saying: “You have a serious disease. This is going to kill you.” Imagine my the rest of myself wanting to strangle the anxious mind for thinking irrationally. The waiting game reeks havoc on your mind. Friday morning, came and still… answer! Did we forget? Was the results that good that we don’t need to call you? Or were they that bad they can’t find out which disorder, if any, that I have?

And survey says, I have: I don’t know! Still no word. Hopefully, by Monday morning I will at least get the official results. I hope. Knock on wood. Until next time, stay tuned for Sleep Study Part Cuatro.



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