Just zip it!





When a problem comes along, you just whip it. Whip it good (Sung by Devo)

In this case, when a problem comes along, you must zip it. Zip it shut. Saying the first thing that pops in your mind and comes out your mouth can bite you in the butt. Whatever the comment is, be careful of what you say. This applies to everyone. Just because we all different and we look different and we all deal with different things, doesn’t make it OK to call someone a derogatory term.

We all put our foot in our mouths and sometimes we don’t realize until after we said it, that we think: “Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut.” Probably, so! For us mental health sufferers, everyday someone will always say the wrong thing and me, I don’t take it lightly. I will get mad and offended. If I’m really having a bad day and you say something bad, then my entire face will look scarier than the upcoming film “The Nun.” Oh yes, my face gets scarier than hers when you offend me or anyone else.

If you check out this link below: How many of the 25 comments ring true to you? For me, ALL!


Take a good look at all the comments below and listen to what sufferers deal with on a daily basis.

“Did you take your medicines today?” DUH! I think I remember taking my medications today. But don’t assume they are the cure for the disease. They only help to a certain extent. Cue the evil eye.

“It could be worse. There are other people worse off than you.” I know that. Reminding me of that doesn’t make me feel any better at all. The ones less fortunate than me makes me feel even worse. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

“What do you have to be depressed about?” This is the one that my district manager and previous employers have told me before and it always backfires. I realize that I have a family, friends, a car, a job, and a home; but depression is NOT my fault. I can’t help it if I look unhappy or moody. This is the one comment that I will come after you when you say this to my face. Envision my face turning completely red with horns and smoke pouring out of my face. NEVER ever say this at all.

“We all get a little stressed. Get over it.” There’s that face again. Fire coming out of my mouth, smoke pouring out of my face, my eyes are beady and red and my fists are clenched so tight that when someone like my employer says this to me. I KNOW life is stressful. Who doesn’t get stressed? Don’t tell me this.

“That happened a long time ago.” What part isn’t clear about mental illness? Is it the part that this is a lifelong ongoing battle that doesn’t go away overnight? Whatever causes your mental illness varies from person to person. My mother grew up in a rough and volatile household with abuse. To this day after more than 50 years, she STILL struggles with her demons from the past. You can make peace with your past, but it always finds away to come back. My PTSD is still with me after 4 months. You think that goes away overnight? NO!

“You’re too young to experience this much.” I’m too young? Who is too young to encounter trauma? No one. People that survived mass shootings or other terrifying events suffer so much and is it their fault they experience trauma? NO. My mother and I dealt with so much trauma in our lives. I’ve had depression since 10. Mental illness knows NO age!

“Face your fears.” OK, I’ll just drop Miss Anxiety off at the daycare center and just go on with my life. Yeah, right! It’s not that easy. This isn’t something that’s easy to do let alone get rid of.

“Relax and stop being negative.” Again, OK! A little hard to do with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. It’s hard to relax when your anxiety is through the roof. I don’t see a “Mute” button on my body that prohibits me from an anxiety attack. No! Being negative is part of having mental illness. I won’t be happy as a clam when there’s dark clouds all over the sky. Would you be happy if this was you?

“You’re strong or weak.” Don’t ever call me weak and don’t call my mental illness a weakness. I’m strong, you have no idea as how strong to have to be when you’re suffering day by day, minute by minute and year after year. Just don’t say anything.

“It’s just the weather.” Mother Nature doesn’t have one ounce of responsibility in this. Sometimes in the winter, yes, but (mainly) mental illness causes this. Don’t tell me that the weather is making me depressed.

“I don’t know what to tell you.” Just don’t say anything. Simple as that. My employer is famous for this line. I will say: “Don’t say anything and I won’t get upset.” The best things are better left unsaid.

“Happiness is a choice.” Seriously, I know that! C’mon, I know we all have the freewill to be happy or sad.  I choose to be happy, but genetics say otherwise. Can I change that? No. A little hard to do by eliminating a chemical imbalance in my head. It’s not like I can go to a repair shop and get it fixed that easily. It doesn’t work like that at all.

“Have you gained weight?” Don’t put your foot in your mouth! This comment will get you killed by the firing squad in an instant for this. Never comment on a person’s weight or anything else that’s very personal like that. Is it our fault that medications, depression, and poor eating habits causes us to gain weight???? NO! One person said this to me and they were lucky they saw the light of another day. This is so offensive in every way. Yeah, I realize that I’m not the skinny woman that I used to be. So what? So what if I gained some weight? Doesn’t mean that I completely hate myself and the way I look.

This is just a portion of the abuse that I receive as a mental health sufferer. This is an everyday occurrence. People need to educate themselves on the importance of mental health education. Be careful of what you say to us. Pretty much be careful of what you say to anyone in general. My grandfather wasn’t ashamed to call someone a derogatory name if you were of color. Yeah, he would say it to your face. Rude, right? You bet.

If you have any respect at all or feelings for other lives, then think twice before saying something that can get you into big trouble.


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