Things Only People with Depression will Truly Understand

I saw this article online at and I found it kind of interesting and relatable. In the article, the author listed 15 things that only people with depression understand. I wanted to share that with you. My comments are in parenthesis.

  1. “Being sad” isn’t the same thing as “being depressed” (For me, I agree!)
  2. You don’t have a reason to be depressed (True, but I shouldn’t feel depressed and when the depression is hereditary then there is my reason right there)
  3. Depression doesn’t go away just because you were happy for a few hours (So true! For me, if I have a good day that doesn’t mean that my depression is gone)
  4. Our other emotions are still valid even though we are depressed
  5. Hanging out with friends can seem like a charade (I agree that being around people can be more of a task than an adventure!)
  6. You can’t just “get it over it” (Oh yes, is this true!)
  7. Self-harm doesn’t seem so crazy when you’re depressed (People will do just about anything to relieve their depression such as drugs or alcohol or self harm)
  8. We often don’t think that depression affects others (I can be inconsiderate sometimes)
  9. We forget that others do care for us (ME!)
  10. We tend to forget about our physical health (Oh Yeah!)
  11. Some days feel like weeks (Yes, again especially during rough times!)
  12. Happiness isn’t always our goal
  13. Sometimes we just don’t want to talk about it
  14. Leaving the house can feel like running a marathon (ME! Zero motivation or energy!)
  15. It doesn’t last forever (For me, it probably will last forever, but look on the bright side! Be positive!)

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