Fun Facts

I love music.

Ever since I was little, there was always music in the house. From Elvis to The Beatles to The Eagles to disco (mom’s favorite crap to listen to), I listened to a broad range of music. I’ve always been musically inclined since I was about elementary school aged. I played the clarinet (so did my father!), the alto clarinet, a little bass clarinet, flute, and little piano (I’m no Alicia Keys, I wish!). Music class was probably one of my favorite classes to go to and also Creative Writing class, as well. In my teen years, I was pretty good and had dreams of becoming a professional musician. I still do! I don’t rule that one out. It’s something that I enjoy.

I’ve probably broken more bones than most girls my age. 

I’m a klutz and I’m not ashamed of it at all. I broke my left arm when I was eight years old at recess one day. Even funnier, my dad broke his left arm at eight years old, too! I broke mine on the playground and he fell out of a treehouse. During recess, I was on the swings and the cool thing back in the day was to swing very high and then jump off the swing. Well, I did that and let’s just say that I didn’t nail the landing. If I were a gymnast, they would’ve given me no points at all. As my entire body was up in the air and was heading towards the ground, guess what took the fall: my left arm. My left arm got crushed by the entire weight of my entire body. I landed arm first on the playground. OUCH. Honestly, I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t! My arm was numb. I heard the usual snap, crackle, and pop and looked down at my arm. I will spare you the gruesome details, but my arm was shaped like the letter Z and the bones were sticking out. Eek. I picked up my arm and I (pretty much) scared everyone in sight as I got up to the teacher that was supposed to be watching us. I asked her: “Is my arm supposed to be like this? Is this normal?” She saw my arm, immediately screamed and got sick to her stomach. After she was done tossing her cookies, she took me to the nurse’s office and the nurse put ice on it. Now I felt the pain and I passed out. I was taken by ambulance and had to have corrective surgery to repair to ulna bone that I broke in a few places. I wouldn’t recommend trying this!

In mid-February 1997, I was taking out the trash at the old condo that I used to lived in with my parents and I fell and broke my left patella. It was very snowy and chilly outside. We had just gotten over 2 feet of snow and the previous night, there was freezing rain. So imagine, snow up to your knees and the ground is like an ice skating rink! I was taking the trash to the trash bin and was walking ever so carefully, and slipped and hit my knee on concrete covered with ice. I heard the usual snap, crackle, and pop and hoped it was the ice, but nope it was my knee. I was lucky that no ligaments were damaged because of this.

I’ve broken many toes before and sprained both ankles so many times that they may as well just snap. A lot of those happened at work, school, home and just me being a complete klutz.

I loathe planes and snakes

You know the movie: Snakes on a Plane? That’s my ultimate nightmare! I’ve always hated airplanes since I was young. I remember one time in the car, we drove past General Mitchell Field in Milwaukee and every time I saw a 747, I would get chills running up and down my back. I hate flying. I rather drive than fly. It’s just me. When I flew for the first time in 2012 (Yes! It took me that long to finally board a plane!), I just full on chills upon arrival at the airport. I guess it’s a phobia of planes???? I don’t know. But before I boarded my flight, I had to pop a Xanax to relieve my anxiety. It worked both ways. It helped me during take off, but not during the landing. The landing was very bumpy and I wanted to get off the plane as fast as possible. I don’t like heights, so don’t even place me near the window seat. Keep that window closed. Of course, I hate snakes.

I love sports

I’m one of those tomboys that loves sports. When I say I love sports, I’m a die hard fan. I don’t follow golf, tennis, or MMA fighting, but I do follow football, basketball, baseball, racing, and etc. Yes. I root for both Texas and Wisconsin teams. I’d rather be at a sporting event than at a mall. Even funnier: I’m one of those fans that will be loud and will curse out loud while watching sports live or on TV. My dad gave me that gift!

I love the color blue

I kid you not when I say that I had an all blue bedroom as a child. I did! If I find that picture, then I will share it. But I’ve always loved the color blue. My bedroom as a child was all blue from the ceiling to the walls to the carpet. It was peaceful to look at because my room looked like I lived in an ocean. And also because I’m a tomboy, too. No pink rooms for me. Not a girly girl.



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