Why start a blog?????

A blog is something that I’ve been brewing in my head for many months. I’ve always wanted to start a business or run an existing business, but never followed through with it. An important aspect of creating a project like this, is to write about something you know about. An important business tip that I learned in college is to find your niche. Do what you love and go out there and create it. If you love coffee, makeup, the latest fashion trends, or whatever; then more power to you to start a blog.

I thought it would be incredibly time consuming and challenging to start a blog. But in reality, it’s like writing a diary but it’s online for the entire world to see. For me, I wanted to write about a cause that’s near and dear to my heart: mental illness. I’ve had mental health issues and family members suffer from this horrible disease for many decades and I will be the first to tell you that: The struggle is REAL. Mental illness is NO JOKE!!!!!

Long story short, this blog will be about my struggles with mental illness and raise awareness of this disease. If you look at my homepage on of the website, there are topics that I will cover in detail from my own personal experiences. Remember, I’m not a professional psychiatrist, but I am a sufferer of depression and anxiety. The purpose of this is to end the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness of it. I’m sharing my story with you! So follow along and hopefully, we can learn/share stories of our experiences.


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